Videologue #9 Ottolenghi Dinner

  Daydreaming of a Romantic Kitchen I wish I could put herb planters in my kitchen. We are still decorating our home… all the main furniture and themes have been carefully chosen and found their places, but the little accents and touches that make home seem more homey.. is the difficult part for us. I […]

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Videologue #5 Dumplings

    Back in Korea(which was only 3 years ago but feels like 13!), I learned to make homemade dumplings from my children’s nanny who was Chinese… and I was blown away. She was a humble simple woman who of course never had any training in any sort of fancy Chinese cuisine but even the […]

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Videologue #4. Fresh Cream Cake

The softest lightly moist old fashion, traditional asian style cake… this cake is not being done justice with my choice of adjective’s that I tagged on… I need more vocabulary in my first learned, but strangely enough, not a mother tongue level English… ! And the cream… no butter no eggs… just fresh cream with […]

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