Videologue #41 Mexico City Pt.1

Mexico City 2019 November

Mexico city will always be a mysterious and dear place to me. Never did any place make our family feel more loved and deserving of complete happiness. We all experienced some form of rehabilitation and confrontation during this trip. Many emotional memories… Mexico City will always be a city with a glowing halo, it also makes me look forward to future plans we have yet to set. This Covid-19 Pandemic made us take a halt in everything.. it’s a second chance to humanity in a big scale and a second chance for families as well, which is organically connected to the big scale eventually. The future after this pandemic…. it will be a first step for us all over again. The future is like the moon for all of us at this moment. Soon we will be the like the first men on the moon, humble, grateful, and in awe.

Mexico City was as sweet and strong as the first of many things in life. When did this, my present situation, everything start for me? When did I give in to this strong invisible uncontrollable force that pushed me and pulled me to get me where I am in this moment? The first time I made strong connection with Mr.B might be when everything started. I have decided to go over some of the sweet first moments that line up as strong candidates for the beginning of everything, the beginning of shaping myself to be this person at 39, soon to be 40. This will be a meaningful project for me. I might write, I might paint, I will surely find myself doing this.

I was handed a secret key to a door I didn’t plan to open, but somehow makes the most sense to me, I just KNOW!

3 thoughts on “Videologue #41 Mexico City Pt.1

  1. Would love to visit Mexico and its capital, of course 🙂 let’s hope the lockdown passes and then I draw my own travel plan 🙂 be safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

  2. Hi! How exciting to get a greeting from Portugal! We were actually making plans about Portugal for the summer, we are so sad we can’t make it this year.Hope you are safe also!

  3. You have to come, now of course it is norlt possible but the cities will remain here, as beautiful as they are, so don’t worry eheh be safe, PedroL

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