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Back in Korea(which was only 3 years ago but feels like 13!), I learned to make homemade dumplings from my children’s nanny who was Chinese… and I was blown away. She was a humble simple woman who of course never had any training in any sort of fancy Chinese cuisine but even the most humblest homemade dumplings were ever so much better than any Korean or Japanese famous or fancy dumplings I have ever tried before. After that of course it only made sense why Chinese dumplings are ever so much famous than Korean or Japanese dumplings. After a meal of even the most delicious dumplings you actually always crave for some refreshments… they are quite an heavy meal all the yummy savory meat and veggie juices call for something lightening! If dumplings slightly more authentic are so delicious,  I suddenly have the crave for gelato’s, not any but the kind you would eat somewhere someplace in Italy. If eating dumplings the Chinese way is ever so much better, I can only imagine how amazing It would be to be eating gelato’s in a little street in Italy.. my thoughts randomly just chasing one after another… I am picking up habits from my toddlers, or maybe with my 10th wedding anniversary coming up I am getting imaginative with my next food experiences coming along!

Homemade Chinese Style Dumplings
Homemade Chinese Style Dumplings

These homemade dumplings are more than half vegetable, usually I would put large portions of cabbage, shitake mushrooms, green onions, chives, but this time I made a little twist. I salted cucumbers and wringed the water out, and left out the mushrooms because I would think the scent of cucumbers and mushrooms might clash.. wanted to keep things more simple and clean. According to my tastes buds, the result was a much more lighter and balanced taste without the savoriness affected at all. We finished the whole batch I made… closely 100 dumplings over 2 days,  I love dumpling nights!

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