Videologue #4. Fresh Cream Cake

Olivia's Super Cute Birthday Cake For Her 3rd Birthday
Olivia’s Super Cute Birthday Cake For Her 3rd Birthday

The softest lightly moist old fashion, traditional asian style cake… this cake is not being done justice with my choice of adjective’s that I tagged on… I need more vocabulary in my first learned, but strangely enough, not a mother tongue level English… ! And the cream… no butter no eggs… just fresh cream with a tiny pinch of orange flavor liqueur, you want to frost the cake quickly, or else you won’t be able to resist tasting a bit and then more and then you will be spooning out the whole bowl! With that recipe I made such a girly girly cute girls birthday cake for my Olivia.

My last baby O’s 3rd birthday… Officially, you are not a toddler after 3 years old! My second L is going on to Kindergarten this year. My first D is starting to be a little rebel in a logical way, which shows he has an bigger ego now. I want to say it is just completely cruel how we are not allowed to keep them as babies as long as we need them…. since we cannot I want to remember everything forever. I am cringing with those thoughts when I see them making birthday wishes before blowing out their candles on the cakes I plan and make for them each year!!





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