Videologue #1. Hamburger Steak (Hambāgu)ハンバーグ

My tales of my hungry loved ones. Story telling through a collage of recorded movement clips of my life! Here this goes… how exciting.

Plique-à-jour, if I want to name something, I start fumbling around in the words of arts. I love words of music and words of jewelry. I am surrounded by friends in fine arts, design and music. So naturally I am inspired with the words of their lives, which is also words of my past life.

Since this is my first post, a little about myself. I am a fashion design major. I remember I decided to put myself in the path of fashion from the time I was 3 or 4. I remember distinctly it was at that young age because I am sure my little brother who was born when I was 5 was not around at that life changing moment. I was visiting a close friend of my parents who just moved into our neighborhood. She was a lady who took a fashion course at FIT in New York.  I stepped into this woman’s home and I was mesmerized with her fashion illustrations decorating her walls, sending out shock waves to toddler me. My mother being an education expert always denies it but I know she plotted in her heart to steer me away from my interest of arts and fashion, she dreamed of her daughter becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, a fellow alumna of Stanford University. Instead I went to design school majored in fashion and worked in the low paying yet glamorous chic world of fashion PR where I met and worked with the most interesting and energetic bold and crazy characters, fashion editors, photographers, stylists and the model and celebrity world. I loved the parties and the catering and the multiple media’s getting together to make the most stimulating marketing dents in this world. And I loved that all this happened with us, myself, in our little dark sunless photo studios and sample rooms, the corners of that giant elaborate world of beautiful everythings. I loved the fact that I was lucky to meet so many different people with so many different talents, I became friends with my work buddies, photographers taught me little techniques in photography, I got beauty tips from models, I followed the food stylists around like I was their faithful puppy just in awe at their crafts at photo shoots and events, I watched carpenters put together a prop for our seasonal show windows, I stood back in the shadows while watching celebrities dressed up and accessorized in our brand being filmed for movies and dramas. I was exposed to all this and I knew no gloomy Mondays in the midst of the storm of talents. I was smitten with the life of rotating talents and skills and characters, of watching the most stimulating creativity coming together to one point of contact. I was silly childish and selfish with no bigger ambition than having fun but I was so extremely happy, and lucky to be so easily happy so I had no need for greedy ambition! So hopping around in happy places, soon I fell in love with my man which was another happy place for me, and even though I was in a good place at a early age I was satisfied with just the fun I got out of that short blink of a time as a PR girl. In love was such a happy place so without knowing at all how lucky I was to be in that position at that age, I got engaged, married and… quit my job! No regrets, that short time taught me that following what makes me feel good and driving myself to extreme energy and toying around with endless new fields will bring myself  to new surprises and is the most efficient way to grow and move forward.

Now I have 3 kids, I always say 3 kids are the best kids for me. In between those 3 kids, I put myself in all sorts of fun, because I could and because I loathed boredom. I became a more serious christian, I did catering for friends who had parties and events at their boutique and exhibition openings, I took charge a little magazine for a few months for a friend’s business, I had little book parties for each magazine that came out, I had small charity dinner gatherings for sad natural disasters because I needed to feel I was needed in a bigger world far away, I took my luxury brand packaging experience into party goody bags for my babies, I learned new skills while I was nursing because I was restless while I was nursing, maybe a little depressed at the fact that my creativity and brain work output was being cornered by my animal like body work output in the period of nursing. So nursing was the time I would look into YouTube tutorials and learn so many ‘how to’s’… one of them was video editing programs. That was my life back in Seoul, a bustling energetic city with people more internationally traveled and educated than a lot of people in other parts of the world realize. It meaning extremely stimulating and inspiring social life, cultural life, night life, married life, even mom life is pretty dynamic! Where the middle upper class is starting to thrive and consume all tastes and trends you wonder how they manage to keep up and meet ends. The sort of environment where competition lies in everything, it can be stressful but if you pulled through nicely things are your everyday life is pretty fascinating. You are always reminded to push yourself, to go forward go higher keep growing and trying to  be your most interesting beautiful self.

I thought I would be living in Seoul forever, being addicted to that energy the fast change and pace of the city, but I am now in suburban San Diego. This place is beautiful and I call it my home now but to tell the truth I was shocked with the amount of ‘chill’ people are allowing themselves when I first came here.  Back in Seoul I was perfectly happy putting myself in bits of everything from everywhere not allowing myself to any idle moments, and didn’t know I was lucky to feel as if I was in a main stream in my own little big world, being amongst the talented and successful people and just learning small bits of everything everywhere, but sometimes I used to fret over the fact that I couldn’t get myself into one game… and put my hobbies in 1 wholesome money producing something. At first the stillness of San Diego and the fact that I was a stranger and unknown to this world was frightening.. to think that I would be still forever in a ‘chill’ state while my friends and family would be going forward into the future, higher into this world…  but San Diego has brought me an unexpected gift.  In all this stillness and quietness, I had the time to sort out my happy but cluttered self. I have come to peace with the fact that I am simply too interested in many things and too greedy about all the fun I can allow myself to if I don’t put myself into 1 box. I can’t give up on anything and I don’t want to. Simple laid back San Diego has brought me to look around my collection of hobbies and skills and etc and enjoy. I am fine with the fact that I don’t know where this will lead, but it gives you a strange joy that you can still believe and you can dream as if you are forever 18! So…. here starts something!

I love cooking. This is a thing for sure. I love to give little frills to my cooking, how come plating is so much fun? I love to think about my family while I cook, I love to think they will get a healthy balanced meal, and they will have memories of myself cooking for them, memories surrounded by food and hopefully they will learn to seek the fun of gourmet over belly filling chomping food, I love to think that marvelous and good things that need scientific explanations will happen through their body when I do not have any training or knowledge in the biology field. I love editing short home videos and turning them into memories you can almost touch.  These videos might seem like a photoshopped version of one’s life, but if you think of it, memories are like that. You only remember the lovely moments, photoshop is not to be criticized, the whole human race has been photoshopping our lives in happy memories since we were cavemen. That is like letting in the daylight to our lives. Plique-à-jour = Let in the daylight. It is also a popular technique used in jewelry in the art deco era(such a beautiful glamorous era!), a stained glass technique. Bringing in more colors through daylight. I hope this is what happens in this space as well. Plique-à-jour!

I made this video, it is the first, so I was nervous and wanted to be comfortable and know what I was doing the whole process. I can make the Japanese style hamburger patties, ‘Hambagu Steaks’ blindfolded and sleep deprived. These are made and freezed, and are used for my kids an hubby’s lunch and also in emergency times when I am too busy to make a nice meal. Let me say this again, this is all new so let me have fun with this word, this concept! Plique-à-jour! Enjoy!


Hambagu Steak

– these are great frozen into patties. They definitely cook better in an air fryer directly out of the freezer. It holds the moisture in compared to having it thawed and pan or oven cooked.

– no need to be precise in portions, and works wonderfully with any combination of vegetables. But I recommend to put in onions and mushrooms. The bell pepper also gives a depth of taste to it.


600g(1.3lb) Ground Beef

1/3 of Cauliflower finely chopped

2 Carrots finely chopped

1 Onions finely chopped

1 Bell Pepper finely chopped

300g Baby Bella mushroom finely chopped

3 Tablespoon Minced Garlic

1 Cup Bread Crumbs

3 Eggs

1 Tablespoon Salt & 1 Teaspoon Pepper


Mix everything up!

Make them into patties!

Cook them in a pan with oil or in an air fryer!

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